Saturday, February 5, 2011


Listed below are three more important and relatively easy battery saving tips and tricks which may come to your rescue at times when you can’t charge your iPad.
Mail & Calendar Syncing, a complete no:
On the iPad it is possible to configure and sync several different email accounts as well as calendars.  I think I have about 8 different email accounts and 3 different calendars.  These result in regular connections made to the Internet, allowing emails and calendar entries to appear on your iPad throughout the day, which, you guessed it, results in battery consumption. When you need every minute out of your battery and don’t need to be updated with mails, make sure to keep these syncs at a minimum or better, switch them off until you really need them.  This can be easily done by going into settings, then mail, contacts, calendars and changing the settings for Fetch New Data.

Push notifications, also a complete no:
One of the major causes of battery drainage on the iPad is push notifications from social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter. When you need your battery to last, it is essential to switch these notifications off.
This is also easily done by going into the settings menu, then into notifications and switching them off. Believe me, this will help your battery last.  You might not get the latest updates from your friends on Facebook but you can always check them later.
Location Services, a complete no as well:
The location service on your iPad searches for your location on its own. This is especially used in the Maps app. It allows you to know where you are and gives you an option to search and get information for places nearby. In return for these awesome services, it sucks the life out of your iPad’s battery.  Hence, when you do not require using Maps you can save battery by going into Settings, then Location Services and sliding it to the ‘off’ position.
For the next set of battery saving tips and tricks for your iPad please stay tuned to Part 3 of this series.  Also let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for future tips and tricks that you think would be helpful.


  1. My brothers' iPod has a relatively long battery life, but I'm still not convinced.

  2. Such a shame to spend so much money on something that has a con like that

  3. Fucking batteries. WTB solar powered devices.

  4. Hey, nice post, looking forward to the next ones. :)

  5. Hopefully my iPad will live longer now, lol.